Live Sound

PA hire, Sound System hire, Public Address system, Sound Equipment hire, event hire or Live Sound Reinforcement, we have provided sound services for many hundreds of performances, from solo-acts and comedians to large bands, stage plays and small orchestras.

Small pa system hire speakers and mixerLive Sound Systems – PA Hire for bands and concerts

All prices quoted include delivery, setup and testing as part of the service.

Call us or send us a message with details of your event, including the date, duration, location, venue capacity and your own special suggestions or requirements and we can suggest the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Live sound system hire for a wedding band showing equipment

PA Hire sound equipment in a Marquee

A basic sound system, as above, will include a pair of full-range speakers, microphone, mixer with effects, amplifier, stands and cables.

Shown left is the stage set-up for a typical medium sized pa system including 24 channel mixer, microphones, amplifiers, graphic equalisers, processors/effects, full-range speakers, bass sub speakers and foldback monitors.

Our list of sound equipment includes Soundcraft mixers, QSC amplifiers, Shure and AKG microphones, dBX and Behringer graphic equalisers and processors plus JBL, Yamaha, HZ, and Martin Audio Wavefront speakers.

PA Hire for Large Events / Festivals

This video shows a live sound system that we provided for an all-day live music festival in Penarth, featuring 8 bands and attended by over a thousand people.

We provided 6K of Martin Audio Wavefront speakers, QSC amplifiers, dbx processors, a Soundcraft 24 channel mixer and JBL monitors.

Sound Engineering / Technicians

As well as being sound engineers and technicians, we also have experience as performing musicians, so we know what it’s like on the other side of the mixer and will help each artist throughout the event from sound-check to performance.

Stage Lighting

Stage lighting hire par cans and sound equipment in cardiff

The Madassa Soul Band

To add a touch of colour to your live performance, why not add stage lights ; 4 par56 spotlamps with coloured gels on t-bar stands or LED par cans along with a lighting controller. We can also provide a smoke machine or laser.

We regularly provided PA Hire for the popular 8 piece Madassa Soul Band using an 8 channel soundcraft mixer and JBL speakers.

Classical Concerts

Live sound equipment hire for a Classical concert at Cardiff Music College

Live sound for a Classical performance at Cardiff Music College

We have provided live sound for several classical performances at Cardiff University Music College.

At this event, we used full-range JBL’s speakers and monitors, a soundcraft 24 channel desk and a selection of condenser microphones placed strategically for those effective pin-dropping moments.