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We have provided many hundreds of sound and lighting systems to weddings over the years and pride ourselves in the satisfaction and reliability that we’ve given to all those involved.

We can work together with your event planner to create a successful, happy and stress-free occassion.

Microphones for vows and speeches

Wireless Microphone for wedding speeches

Wireless microphone for speeches at Cardiff Castle

If you feel that all your guests could benefit from hearing the wedding vows, we can provide microphones or background music for the ceremony itself. Lapel or headset microphones can be provided although we prefer to recommend a strategically placed microphone so as not to be imposing.

PA system playing background music for cardiff castle ceremony

PA System at Cardiff Castle Cellar

Microphones for after-dinner speeches can be either fixed or wireless (enabling you to pass them around the guests).

par 56 led uplighting for weddingUplighting

Suitable uplighting can set the mood and can give a touch of colour, especially after dark.

Visual displays & Projections

50 inch led screen on trolley stand for weddings or conferences8 foot Projector Screen on tripod stand for presentationsWhy not consider a 50″ LED screen or projector with tripod screen to show those special moments from your laptop computer or tablet.

Video Camera used to transmit images to remote screens

HP xb31projector for presentations at conferences or weddingsOr, using a video camera and microphones, live image and sound can be transmitted to a projector or screen in another room (Popular at Asian events).

The event can also be recorded and supplied to you on the media of your choice.

Disco Party 

Disco sound activated effects lighting at a wedding party

Disco lighting at a wedding

Use your own ipod, phone, laptop or cd player and do away with the need for a DJ altogether.

We can recommend DJ software for a laptop that will let you and your guests choose the music you would like played from a large selection of songs.

See Party Sound System for the choice of equipment and disco lighting available.

Live entertainment / Party Bands

Wedding entertainment PA system on stage at City Hall, Cardiff

Party Band at City Hall

If you have commissioned live entertainment especially for the evening, we can provide the sound system and stage lighting, we can even provide the backline instruments, such as drums and guitar amplifiers if the performers are unable to bring their own.

Or we can recommend an experienced live pop, soul or funk band or one that is  suited to your own particular taste.

Asian Weddings

Sound System and microphone at Asian Wedding in County Hall

Asian Wedding at County Hall

We have provided many sound systems for asian weddings and have gained experience in understanding the special requirements often associated with these events.

We recently provided an A/V system which transmitted the sound and image from the ceremony to a 50″ LED screen in a different room within the venue.