Parties, Discos & DJ equipment

Party sound system with disco lighting effects and laser

Disco lighting for a wedding

From small parties and weddings to large events and corporate functions, we have a range of sound systems to suit your event.

We can provide a party sound system with DJ equipment, disco lighting and other stage effects, even a full disco service.

Party Sound System

500w party sound system with mixer, amplifier and speakers

500w JBL Speaker System with mixer

A two speaker system (500w) is sufficient for smaller parties. but if you want that extra low end we recommend the addition of bass subs.

Sub bass speaker for party sound system

HZ SB600 Bass Speaker

The 1400w system with bass subs includes an active crossover which splits the appropriate frequency ranges to the low/high amplifiers and speakers, enhancing the quality of sound.

Use your own portable music player

stereo mini-jack to connect ipod, laptop, tablet or cd player

Stereo mini-jack

You can use your own portable music player; phone, ipod, laptop, tablet, cd player, cassette player or mp3 stick and eliminate the need for a disc jockey.

We will just insert a stereo mini-jack (as left) into the headphone socket of your device and plug the lead into our mixer.

Providing your own DJ ?

If you have your own DJ, and they have their own equipment, we will connect it to our system. Call us to tell us what equipment they have and we will provide the necessary cables.

DJ Equipment hire

If you are providing the DJ but they aren’t bringing their DJ equipment, we can supply a dual CD, turntables (decks), CDJ’s or DJ Controller along with a DJ mixer.

technics 1210 turntable

Technics 1210

DJ Controller USB Numark Mixtrak 140

Numark Mixtrak

Dual CD Player American Audio DCD-PRO310-100

Dual CD Player

DJ Mixer Behringer DJX700-100

DJ Mixer

We can recommend DJ software

We can advise you about software that will play your favourites and requests from a huge choice of tunes. As we specialise in Sound Systems, you can guarantee that your disco will have a great sound.

Disco Lighting and effects

sound activated disco lighting dj equipment for party

Sound activated disco lighting

Make your party swing with sound activated disco lighting, sequenced led par-cans, laser or a smoke machine.

We can also provide a lighting controller which will enable you to control the sequence in which the LED lights operate.

Our Disco lighting equipment includes the Chameleon 3 and QTX Super Mushroom, which we supply on a stand, a Chauvet Double Derby floor standing lamp,  a selection of par56 led and spot lamps. and a laser effect.

Disco lightingLED disco lightingDisco lightingpar56 can stage lightingpar 56 led disco lighting or stage lightingDisco lighting Laser effect