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Fonmon CastleDog Show

Outdoor pa system with wireless handheld microphone

Caldicot Castle medieval battle display

All types of events

We can provide public address outdoor sound systems for sports events, festivals, shows, remembrance services, public demonstrations, school sports, volleyball, powerboat or motor racing, opening ceremonies, sod cutting, medieval battle re-enactments, races and all types of event that require outdoor audio.

Battery powered weatherproof 100v line speakers

100v line horn speakers

100v line horn speakers

From sports events to Roman Gladiator Tournaments. Most outdoor public address systems that we supply use weatherproof horn speakers.

Heavy duty Winch t.bar Stand

Winch t.bar stand

If mains power is unavailable, batteries or a small generator can be used.

Each heavy duty t.bar winch stand will carry up to four speakers. Cables carrying a 100v signal can run over distances of hundreds of metres.

Wireless Handheld Microphone

t.bone headset 100A wireless handheld microphone can be useful for covering large areas or a headset microphone when both hands are needed for other things.

Portable speaker (battery powered)

Portable speaker

Portable speaker.

The QR15PA is a full-range portable speaker system which can be used at any event where mains power is unavailable. It has a 15″ main driver and high-freq horn, wireless handheld microphone and headset  microphone with built-in amplifier. It also has phono inputs enabling you to connect an ipod/laptop, additional microphone inputs and an auxiliary line input for USB/SD media players.

Mains powered systems

Full range speaker system

Mains powered speaker system

Outdoor sound system

Remembrance service

If mains power is available, it can give more flexibility in the choice of equipment options.

A 500w system with full-range JBL speakers and wireless microphone was used for a remembrance service attended by Prince Charles.


Stage hire for outdoor event in Cardiff Castle

Stage at Cardiff Castle

We can provide small stages of varying sizes. This pic shows the assembly of a 2 ft high, 12 ft x 8 ft stage with treads at Cardiff Castle Grounds.

Both indoor or outdoor stages can be provided. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Long Distance : Wireless transmission

long range audio transmission at Cardiff Bay

Power boats at Cardiff Bay

This power boat racing event at Cardiff Bay demanded additional equipment.

Using computers and wireless links, we transmitted the commentary sound to another public address system on the opposite side of the bay.