Available Sound Equipment, Audio Visual and lighting

The following tables list the Sound Equipment, Audio Visual and lighting available for hire from SunSound;

Image Model Type of Equipment
W3-100 Martin Audio Wavefront W3 Speaker Enclosure – Full Range
WS2A-100 Martin Audio Wavefront WS2 Speaker Enclosure – Bass sub
jbleon15-100 JBL Eon 15 Speaker Enclosure – Full Range
YamahaS1121v-100 Yamaha S112iv Speaker Enclosure – Full Range
YamahaSM12-100 Yamaha SM12iv Speaker Enclosure – Full Range
sb600-100 HZ SB600 Speaker Enclosure – Bass sub
cs304-100 TOA cs304 Speaker Enclosure – Horn 100v
sc630m100 TOA sc630m Speaker Enclosure – 100v Horn
PLX_3402_100 QSC PLX3402 Amplifier
plx2402-100 QSC PLX2402 Amplifier
qscgx3-100 QSC GX3 Amplifier
AmcronPowerbase2100 Amcron Powerbase 2 Amplifier
sm1200d 100 Studiomaster 1200D Amplifier
HZamp100 HZ DPX 1000 Amplifier
HZamp100 HZ DPX 1100 Amplifier
RMX1450-100 QSC RMX1450 Amplifier
ads3120-100 ADS 3120 100v Amplifier
toa550a 100 TOA 500A-51 100v Amplifier
LX7-100 Soundcraft Spirit LX7 Mixer
FX16-100 Soundcraft Spirit FX16 Mixer
FX8-100 Soundcraft Spirit FX8 Mixer
MX2004A_100 Behringer MX2004A Mixer
MX3282A100 Behringer MX3282A Mixer
ub1204mixer100 Behringer UB1204 Mixer
DJX700-100 Behringer DJX700 Mixer DJ
dbx-driverack-pa---100 dbx Driverack PA Outboard Speaker Management Controller
DBX_2231_100 dbx 231s Outboard Graphic Equaliser
dbx-1231_100 dbx 1231 Outboard Graphic Equaliser
DBX_2231_100 dbx 2231 Outboard Graphic Equaliser
sm58 100 Shure SM58 Microphone
sm57-100 Shure SM57 Microphone
akg_c1000s100 AKG C1000s Microphone
t.bone_tws100 UHF Handheld Wireless Mic and Receiver Microphone
Wireless sm58 mic

Wireless sm58 mic

Shure SM58 UHF Wireless Mic and Receiver

t.bone headset 100 UHF Wireless Headset and Receiver Microphone
akgdrummicset 100 AKG Drum Mic Set Microphone
akgd112-100 AKG D112 Microphone
Gooseneck mics 100 Conference Mic Microphone
DCD-PRO310-100 American Audio DCD Pro 310 Dual CD Player CD Player
HPxb31-100 Hewlett Packard XB31 Projector
lighting stand100 t.bar Lighting Stand Stand
WinchStands100 Winch Stand Stand


Lectern Lectern
Projector Stand 100 Laptop / Projector Stand Stand
ProjScreen100 Tripod Projector Screen AV
ledscreentrolley 100 LED Screen 50″ & Stand AV
Heavy Duty Music Stand

Heavy Duty Music Stand

Music Stand Stand